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An older couple dancing on a terrace while vacationing, knowing their dental, vision and hearing insurance is covered by the South Dakota Senior Insurance Agency (SDSIA).

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Benefits of Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance

South Dakota Senior Insurance Agency (SDSIA) provides comprehensive insurance solutions for seniors, including dental, vision and hearing insurance that can supplement your current Medicare plan.

  • Improve your quality of life
  • Plan for unforeseen situations that are inconvenient, painful and expensive
  • Cover dental, hearing and vision expenses that Basic Medicare does not cover

Dental Insurance

Receiving good dental care on a regular basis is an important aspect in maintaining your overall health. However, with Medicare not covering dental services, you may be left wondering how you will afford things like routine cleanings, fillings and dentures. SDSIA offers dental insurance solutions that allow you to get the care you need without huge out-of-pocket expenses.

Vision Insurance

As you get older, receiving regular vision check-ups is critical in maintaining good eye health. However, things like eye appointments, surgeries and corrective eyewear can be a large, overwhelming expense. Let SDSIA help you protect your vision with affordable insurance you can trust.

Hearing Insurance

SDSIA provides hearing insurance that helps pay for the vital solutions you need to maintain your sense of hearing, including check-ups, treatments and hearing aids.

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